Specialised cleaning tools

  • Mieke Billekens / Product Design

The project that Mieke Billekens (Product Design) developed for her graduation stems from her fascination with order and cleaning. ‘A complete set of 45 cleaning pieces for real fanatics. There’s a perfect tool for every dirty groove, tables full of crumbs and cobwebs in dark corners. Like the handyman cherishes the tools in her shed, the obsessive cleaner cherishes their tools with pride. Organised by type, size, material and colour, this set of super tools is a gem of a product that deserves a prominent place in your home.


Attach one of the bristles to an electric drill, remove dust with the hammer-like rug beater or use the pickers and you will find that these 45 tools were designed for a cleaning job well done. These tools will appeal even to those who deeply loath cleaning.’




film: Inge Meijer (class of ’12)