Sleeping in the woods

  • Arjo van Gogh / Master in Architecture

‘My work is set in Maashorst, an area in the northeast of Brabant. A landscape consisting of meadows, fields, woodlands, heaths and sand dunes. A radical plan has been designed for the area to be implemented during the following 10 years. An area the size of 2500 hectares is being depopulated to allow the original vegetation to recover and a new wilderness to grow. The area currently functions as a large city park and is visited mainly by ‘active and outdoorsy’ types from the surrounding towns. I wanted to reduce the pace of the area by creating options for people to sleep here.


This led to two designs. The first is a collective guest farmhouse located on the edge of the new nature reserve, which can also serve as a base for maintaining the reserve. The second design is located inside the nature reserve. It’s an underground collection of individual lodges where hikers who have walked long distances can spend the night in the middle of the new wilderness.’