Returning home

  • Carmijn Bakker / Academy of Pop Music

A Dutch girl with real American roots to her music. That’s Carmijn. Her music is distinguished by its vocal ensembles, guitars, strong melodies and an authentic, warm voice.


Carmijn originates from the Kop van Overijssel (north-western corner of the Dutch province Overijssel). That is where she first triggered her greatest passion: writing and making music. The surrounding countryside, the open air, and the seasonal change all formed a continuous source of inspiration. The ambience of that countryside almost naturally imposes a particular form. Folk, country and pop-rock best suit the emotions that Carmijn wants to pour into her music. Bonnie Raitt, Angus and Julia Stone, Lissie, Brandi Carlile and Lucinda Williams are all big sources of inspiration.


Carmijn started her studies at the Academy of Pop Music in Enschede. During that time, she kept drifting further away from who she was. She missed the isolation, the countryside and the sense of freedom that comes with being outdoors. Her search for a personal sound stifled the inspiration. Things didn’t start falling into place until she returned to her roots and found her way back home. The sound she rediscovered back home is still distinctively Carmijn. She still needs to pour out the things that occupy her mind. But the sounds is clearly less polished. It has a rawer edge than before and sounds more mature.


After a living room tour that took her across the Netherlands, she graduated from the Academy of Pop Music on 20 June 2013 with her show ‘The way back home’ – named after the duet with Nils Westerhof about her search for her own sound. She also presented her new single ‘Slow Down’. This show marked a new beginning for Carmijn. She is currently busy writing her first EP or album that will be released in 2014 and that she plans to tour extensively. Over the coming months, she will be touring the Netherlands to introduce audiences at different festivals, small and large venues to her renewed – but still very much authentic – personal Carmijn style.


Biography by Gerrit Jan Lutkehaus −