Plug and play theatre

  • Moeremans & Sons / School of Acting

In the midst of the crisis, 11 actors nearing graduation from the ArtEZ School of Acting were ready to burst into the world with Plug and Play theatre. Uncertainty about the future, work, opportunities? No! These actors came together and created their own stage.


Under the direction of Sarah Moeremans, they created a performance in 2012: My First Suicide. It is a musical journey through the vaults and dark rooms of various theatres in the Netherlands. They prowled around dressing rooms, technical areas and orchestra pits, and forged a bond. My First Suicide became the beginning of their own theatre group: Moeremans & Sons.


In 2013, they created Kill Your Character, a performance about what being human is. This again was tremendously well received.


With few resources, no space and no technicians, they created Plug and Play theatre. And take note of that term; it is the future!


And why? They were tired of being in a dependent position when creating and performing. Agreements, rules and interests often stand in the way when you want to put on a performance. So they took matters into their own hands and took care of their own planning, PR, finances and everything that comes with creating a performance. This makes it easy for them to quickly communicate and within no time they can again be standing and stomping on dressing room tables, running through car parks and singing their way through the halls of the theatres. Flexibility is their code word and ‘access prohibited for unauthorised persons’ is their stage.