Frozen time

  • Karen Gerritsen / Fine Art and Design in Education

‘You can have lots or little of it. You can use it or serve it, you can withstand it, let it heal wounds or be ahead of it. But who owns time? Is time even up to us anymore?


Our busy lives make it difficult to distinguish between what I call ‘clock time’, with its universal rules and rigid divisions, and the other type of time which is the underlying flow behind our clocks, as calm as it is imperturbable. This underlying flow seems to touch on a more personal, more inner rhythm.


Time, frozen and stopped. The dripping reminds us of its passing. A subtle movement in the water, and then it’s gone. It confirms the value of here and now.


Only by stepping out of the schedules of this world can I enter something akin to my own time. A rhythm that feels like mine because “only when the clock stops does time come to life.”’