• Liselore Frowijn / Fashion Design

‘My collection is about the clash between sportswear and luxury. The concept is based on Matisse’s cut-outs, his final works. These monumental and brightly-coloured collages represent his fantasy world. I wanted to recreate this world for the modern woman, a world in which speed is such a dominant factor. By cutting and pasting with paper, I designed a modern cut-out suit for that woman in the same bright colours and sharp contours that Matisse used. The suit was then made out of materials used in the sports world, such as Lycra. I designed the pieces to cover these suits based on clothing from the military world. I made them out of light, rich, artisanal fabrics with self-designed prints. The fabrics are hand-painted or embroidered and the silhouettes are voluminous and layered. Transparency plays an important role in my collection: an eclectic interplay between the foreground and background is created through the fabrics’ transparency, resulting in crazy luxury.’


Liselore won the 2013 Frans Molenaar Couture Award. The jury called her collection ‘energetic, diverse and truly couture’ and found that each outfit was ‘altogether right’.


The award was won last year by Peet Dullaert, who has since acquired four international stores and has shown his collection in Paris.


The graduating fashion designers from the class of ‘13 are presenting their work together in Paris under the name The Much, Much.


film: Juliette Thissen (student Fine Art)

photos: Peter Stigter