Earlier this year in May, June and July, the class of 2013 from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts presented their graduation projects. This online magazine provides an impression of the works created by these former students: dancers, choreographers, artists in fine art, designers, musicians, art teachers, actors and architects.


It also include works by graduates of the Honours Programme, an extra theory and research programme for a select number of Bachelor’s students. Take a look at the Honours Programme research projects.


Craftsman innovates industry

  • Joris de Groot / Product Design


  • Liselore Frowijn / Fashion Design

Brak Goud

  • Thomas Gebben / Mediamusic

Fashion Master’s show

  • Fashion Masters

Intimate performance

  • Jeltry Katsma / Theatre in Education

The perishable and the permanent

  • Tjalling Mulder / Fine Art / Honours Programme

Plug and play theatre

  • Moeremans & Sons / School of Acting

Sleeping in the woods

  • Arjo van Gogh / Master in Architecture

Space, time, body

  • Mirjam Sögner / Dance / Honours Programme

Specialised cleaning tools

  • Mieke Billekens / Product Design

Mechanical jungle

  • Dana Dijkgraaf / Graphic Design

Search for unique style

  • Jesse Strikwerda / Illustration Design

Wonderful world

  • Merel Jansen / Fine art

Returning home

  • Carmijn Bakker / Academy of Pop Music

Structures and shapes

  • Kevin Bauer / Fine art

Frozen time

  • Karen Gerritsen / Fine Art and Design in Education

The Much, Much

  • Fashion Design / The Much, Much

New musical instruments

  • Arvid Jense / MediaMusic