Brak Goud

  • Thomas Gebben / Mediamusic

Thomas Gebben studied MediaMusic, a degree programme that trains music producers. ‘My field of study is quite unique since it’s a degree programme for producers, but also involves studying music and other disciplines such as image, film, advertising, song writing and studio techniques.


My graduation project contains both a commercial and artistic side. The commercial component will hopefully offer me financial security after I graduate. I completed an internship with a company in Amsterdam that specialises in commercials and sound design. I had a great time there and I’ve been lucky enough to be offered a job with them.


My heart’s really in the artistic part: a singer-songwriter project called Brak Goud (Broken Gold). I recorded an EP with five songs. I wrote, played, recorded and mixed everything myself.’


Film: Inge Meijer (class of ’12)